Kumarsain Jatar | 4 Sala Mela | Fifth & Sixth Day

The fair begins in the temple grounds, with all of Kumarsain’s fair traders arriving alongside the deity. The fair here has its own unique draw. The mass dance begins with the dance of the devtas’ chariots.

This dance brings out the best in everyone. Women and others sit on the courtyard stairs, taking in the dance to its fullest.

The seventh day

There is no distinction between today’s and tomorrow’s meal, the dance begins today. According to Nati tradition, Devgur begins the dance barefoot with Chanwar in his hand. After that, the rest of the crowd begins to dance.

A unique incident occurred here, when some modernity-affected people began this dance without Devgur, which is defiance of the deity. As a result, it begins to rain as soon as the dance begins. The divine power was entered in Gur to find out why this happened three times, and it was discovered that it was the result of Devgur’s defiance in Nati.

The dance was resumed by the Devgurs after they apologised to the deity. You can see that the weather has become completely clear as a result of this authenticity.

Chail | The World’s Highest Cricket Ground

Chail is a peaceful hill town located near Shimla (44 kilometres), and it is famous for the highest cricket pitch in the world as well as a historical hotel called Chail Palace. Chail is situated at an elevation of 2,250 metres above mean sea level, and it is encircled by forests of pine and deodar trees.

It is common for tourists to visit Shimla, Kufri, and Chail all in the course of the same trip, and many Shimla vacation packages include this itinerary. It only takes around two hours to go to Chail from Shimla via the Mall route, making it an ideal destination for a day trip from Shimla.

On the other hand, if you want a more satisfying experience, you may always spend the night at one of the resorts. Chail is about 45 kilometres away from Solan, which is another significant city in the area. Solan is situated near Chail.

After being exiled from Shimla, the previous Maharaja of Patiala constructed Chail as the new summer capital of Patiala. Chail was once known as Patiala (he eloped with the daughter of then commander-in-chief of the British Army, Lord Kitchener).

Since the year 1893, when it was first established, Chail has been a destination of choice for vacationers who want to see the natural beauty of the Shivalik hills. Chail is a popular tourist destination that is comprised of three hills: Pandewa, Rajgarh, and Sadh Tibba.

Trekking and camping opportunities abound in Chail, making it a popular destination for intrepid travellers. In addition to its location on the banks of the Sandhupul River, Chail is home to several other riverfront camping choices. Visitors to this area may also check out the Chail Wildlife Sanctuary while they’re here.

Menri Monastery | Spiritual Place | Solan

Menri Monastery is near Solan, Himachal Pradesh. This peaceful, though culturally significant backwater has become a centre of religious study and ceremonial activity. Menri was a basic adobe and stone institution until 1998.

Even the main temple lacked the elaborate ornamentation typical of Tibetan temples. 100 monks lived then. Now there are over 350 people, and massive Tibetan-style structures contain new temples, a library, Bon Dialectic School, dorms, a health centre, and a nunnery.

Menri Trizin, Menri Monastery’s chief lama

Menri Trizin is the leader of Menri Monastery and the Bonpo. His Holiness oversees crucial monastic operations in his 80s. Menri Trizin spends a normal day distributing responsibilities to his circle of senior monks, engaging in religious rites, receiving guests, dictating letters, and monitoring building and education initiatives.

Menri Trizin’s powerful voice and royal presence make him an outstanding spiritual leader of the Bonpo. His Holiness is an excellent listener and always willing to assist. He’s a spiritual lighthouse.

New Bon nunnery being built across the river from Menri Monastery. It’s the only Bon nunnery in India and one of a few in the world. Tibetan girls and women come here to become Bon nuns. Redna Menling is a fast-growing institution that reflects women as Bon leaders and practitioners.

Monkey Point – Kasauli Highest Point

The highest point in Kasauli is called Monkey Point, however, it is also sometimes referred to as Manki. Kasauli’s most popular destination spot for tourists may be found at this location. The Indian Air Force is in charge of the management and operation of this location, and they see to it that it is kept in good condition.

Only four kilometres separate it from the city bus station, despite its status as Kasauli’s most well-known tourist destination in the area. This site, which is located on the highest peak of Kasauli, provides you with a beautiful view of the pouring valleys and cascading rivers that are located in the surrounding area.

You may also take in the picturesque view of the city of Chandigarh from this vantage point, which, when seen at night, is really breathtaking to see. In addition, a temple that is devoted to Lord Hanuman may be found at this location. The foot-shaped peak at the top of the hill serves as a marker for the entrance to Hanuman’s temple at the location. Because this is a restricted location, cameras are not permitted here.

It is claimed that this location has a very strong connection to the Ramayana, which is part of Hindu mythology. In addition, a number of monkeys call Manki Point their home. These monkeys are known to be highly sociable with guests and like playing with them. You will have a feeling of relaxation and will be able to spend the ideal amount of time that you have been hoping for thanks to the calming atmosphere, the breathtaking sights, and the creative spirit that nature exudes.