Kinner Kailash Shivling Kinnaur- The Kingdom Of Lord Shiva

Kinner Kailash
Kinner Kailash

The Kinner Kailash Shivlingam, one of the mythical abodes of Lord Shiva, is a 79 foot vertical rock in the Kinner Kailash mountain range. On a clear day, one can see the Shivlingam which changes color during the course of the day. This Rock face is in between the 20,000 ft Kinner Kailash ranges of Mt. Kailash (19,850 ft) & Mt. Jorkanden (21,237 ft).

There is a logical route which is taken by pilgrims and locals of the region to reach this holy rock. This trek can be done in a span of 2 to 3 days. Kinnaur invariably leaves an indelible impact on the travelers because of its unmistakable and intense spiritual aura and palpable Himalayan Mysticism. For this is the land where Lord Shiva is believed to reside on the Famed Mount Kinner Kailash considered to be one of his favourite haunts. The land of fairy tales and fantasies. It has a spectacular terrain of lush green valleys, orchards, vineyards snow-clad peaks and cold desert mountains. The district of Himachal Pradesh,Kinnaur is also rich in flora & fauna and its culture and language is different from other parts of the state.

Kinner Kailash
Kinner Kailash

Mythology about Kinner Kailash

According to Hindu Mythology this is a very sacred place in the Indian Himalayas as it is associated with lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. A natural pond/Kund near Kinnar Kailash peak, known as Parvati Kund, is considered to be a creation of Goddess Parvati. She worshipped here for a long time. It is also the meeting place for Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati . For this reason Ganesh Park or Kailash Darshan Park was earlier called Ashiqui Park.


Mythology states that Lord Shiva conducted a meeting of Goddesses and Gods at Kinner Kailash peak every winter. This accounts for the Yatra that takes place every year during this time by devotees of Lord Shiva and local deities.

Kinner Kailash trek can be attempted from Tangling village. It’s near Recong Peo- the Head Quarter of Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh. You can reach Tangling by crossing a Jhoola pul near Powari 11 km before Recong Peo on National Highway no 21. (Now NH 5). One can reach Tangling by car/taxi by crossing a Bridge near Shogtong, 4km before Powari. Tangling is on left bank of the Sutlej.



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