Kamrunag – The Lord of Rain

Kamrunag is known as the Lord of Rain in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. The temple of Kamru Nag is located at village Kamrah in Mandi in the midst of a thick forest. Devotees throng the temple premises in large numbers for favorable weather conditions. A fair is held at this place on 14th of June every year. People make various offerings including ornaments, coins etc. According to tradition the offerings to the deity are thrown in a small lake nearby. A priest acts as a medium on behalf of the Nag Devta.


The Legend Kamrunag :

Like every other temple, peak, and lake in the Himalayas, this lake too has a story. It is believed that the Lord KamruNag wanted to participate in the great battle of Mahabharat. However, he was not allowed to take part in the battle. However, he witnessed the battle until its end.

Today, villagers visit the lake and the temple to pray to the Rain God during summers and it is believed that only after prayers have been offered to the Lord, the rainy season marks its presence in the valley. Every year a three day fair is held at this place in the middle of the June. Pilgrims make various offerings including coins, gold and silver ornaments in the lake.


Kamru Nag Lake:

Kamrunag lake of Mandi district was visited by thousands of people on Monday who had tracked around 8 km steep incline to witness the special ritual of immersing currency notes, gold and silver jewelry worth lakhs in the lakh. In Kamrunag temple money and jewellery offered by devotees is not deposited in the banks rarher immersed in the lake water. This trend is being followed by centuries.

Each year, thousands of devotees throng Kamrunag temple from across the state to witness three days fair after completing arduous journey on foot. On the fulfillment of their wish they make offerings to the Kamrunag deity which later is immersed in the lake.


Cultural & religious significance-

Kamrunag Lake holds enormous religious and spiritual significance. The temple of Kamrunag Dev on the banks of the lake is one of the most visited temples in the Mandi district. According to the Hindu legend Yakshas (the Gods of wealth) used to reside in the region. Kamrunag has a mention in great Hindu epic Mahabharta. Kamrunag Dev is also known as a “Raining God” and people visit the temple in large numbers for favorable weather conditions.


A famous fair is held every year in the month of June at this palce.Pilgrims offer ornaments and coins to the lake in reverence to the deity.The other places worth visiting around the Kamrunag Lake are the Shikari Devi peak, Jalpa temple, Baggi canal etc.