Tara Devi Temple – Shrine of Goddess Tara Devi

The temple of Maa Tara, situated on the peak adjacent to Shimla, is a fulfillment of every desire. Built around 11 km from Shimla city, this temple is quite old. Every year millions of people reach here to take blessings of the mother. Tara Mata temple can be visited while traveling on the Kalka – Shimla National Highway. The Tara Devi Temple is situated at the top of a hill in Simla and the lush green environs surrounding it give the temple a very peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

Tara Devi temple is believed to be built around 250 years back. It is said that idol of Goddess Tara was brought from West Bengal to Himachal Pradesh by the ruler of Sen Dynasty. As far as the construction of the temple is concerned, King Bhupendra Sen built the temple of the Godess Tara. It is believed that once Bhupendra Sen went hunting in the dense forests of Taradevi, he had a vision of Goddess Tara along with Hanuman, who desired that she should be available for the public to pray and seek blessings. After this, the king started building a temple here.

The king donated a large part of his land to build the temple. After some time the work of the temple was completed and the idol of Goddess made of wood was placed here. After some more generations, Raja Balbir Sen had a vision in which the Goddess had wished that she be installed at the top of a hill known as Tarav Parvat. Later on, the temple got shifted to the top of the hill with a much attractive idol of the deity, made out of a rare combination of eight elements  “Ashtadhatu”. This temple built on the peak has dense forest on one side and roads on the other side. This temple is now also connected to the bus service. There is also a Shiva stepwell in the adjacent forest.

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