Sankat Mochan – Divine & Peaceful Hanuman Temple

Sankat Mochan Hanuman also sits in the picturesque plains of Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh, famous for its natural beauty. After going to Shimla by road, you will see beautiful Sankatmochan Hanuman temple on your right about five kilometres from Shimla bus stand near taradevi. This place is so quiet and beautiful that upon reaching here, You will feel that your sufferings and distress are automatically gone.

In the 1950s, when Saint Neeb Karauri Baba (also known as Neem Karauli Baba and whose famous Scissors Dham Ashram is near Nainital) came to this hill named Taradevi stayed in a cottage for 10 to 12 days. While doing yoga-meditation at this place, he was inspired that a temple of Hanuman Ji should be built here.

Baba expressed his wish to his followers and finally in 1962, the Lieutenant Governor of Himachal Raja Bajrang Bahadur Singh (Raja of Bhadri princely state) and other devotees started the construction of this temple. How did Hanuman live alone, That’s why Ram-Sita-Lakshman, Ganapati and Shankar were also established here.

The temple was duly inaugurated on Tuesday, 21 June 1966, and gradually its popularity and recognition continued to spread. Today a large number of local people come here every day, almost all the tourists coming to Shimla also do visit here. The natural beauty of this place is seen on sight. Due to the temple of Hanuman Ji, there are more crowds here every Tuesday and Saturday.

On Sunday, Bhandare is organized on a very large scale. There is also a small temple of Baba Neeb Karouri Ji in the temple premises, which was built a few years ago. Here it is believed that if you come here and pray with a sincere heart, Lord Hanuman will solve your all sufferings.