Chamera Lake & Dam- Stunning Lake

The Chamera is an unnatural lake, which is surrounded by stunning green trees and beautiful valleys. Chamera Lake, a picturesque emphasize of Chamba Area, is 25 kilometres from the famous hill station of Dalhousie as well as it is visible from the Chamba Pathankot highway. This lake is located at an altitude of 763 meters above the sea level and can be accessed from Chamba district, which is only 25 to 35 km from the main market of Dalhousie. This man-made lake is created due to the hydroelectric dam developed over the river Ravi. The road connecting the Chamera Dam accompanies the Lake to Bhalei Holy place as well as the well-known thick forests of Bhandal valley.

Chamera Lake is the reservoir body of river Ravi on Chamera Dam. It invites you to delight in different water sporting activities. Paddle boating, rowing and also sailing are several of the much-loved traveller activities.

Chamera Dam

The Chamera Dam impounds the River Ravi and supports the hydroelectricity project in the region. It lies near Dalhousie, in the Chamba area in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. The reservoir of the dam is the Chamera Lake. A large part of its reservoir lies in Salooni sub-division of Chamba. The Chamera-I produces 540 MW (3×180 MW) of electrical energy. The 2nd stage i.e. Chamera-II Dam creates 300 MW (3X100 MW) of electrical energy. The water level in the Chamera Lake rises to a maximum of 763 meters while the minimum water level is 747 meters.

Any person visiting the Chamba Valley or Dalhousie, must see this Stunning Lake

Jot Pass: A Hidden Treasure

Jot Pass stands at a height of 2880 meters above the sea level. One wise man once said that without crossing over the Jot Pass you never get to know what reaching Chamba means. Jot Pass overlooks the Chuwadi Valley and it is 23 kilometers away from the top of the Pass. Jot is a hidden treasure in Himachal Pradesh. If you want some place away from hassle of Shimla and Manali, Jot is the place to be. 

Jot is one of the highest altitude tourist destinations in Chamba and is located on the Pathankot-Nurpur-Chowari-Chamba stretch. During the winter months, it remains covered in thick snow and is closed for vehicles. The route re-opens in the summers but being a less commercialized place, it does not get crowded with tourists. It a primeval stretch, perfect for those who love exploring the unexplored.

Jot is well-known for trekking and hiking.

Pangi & Killar – Valley Full of Grandeur & Tribal Majesty


The Pangi valley of Chamba district is a serene, quiet area inhabited by a tribal folk of only 17,600 people in Himachal Pradesh at 7000 ft to 11000 ft above sea level. The Saach Pass, which is a mountain pass of 14500 ft, helps the valley with tourism and easy transportation as it offers proper roadways for those who want to travel there. It is open during the months of June and October as it snows heavily throughout the other months.

Pangi Valley in Himachal Pradesh, for some, is a road to heaven. The scenery is sublime and imposing and nature appears in her wildest and grandest moods. Everything is on a stupendous scale. The native Pangwals and Bhotis tribes are both hindu and buddhist also they are robust hardworking people, who keep the valleys unique culture alive in folk songs, music and tribal dances.  


This hidden valley located between Pir Panjal and the Greater Himalayan Zanskar ranges is cut off from the rest of the world during winter and springs.  Spread over an area of about 1600 sq kms of steep, rocky and tough Himalayan terrain, Pangi is an offbeat and challenging tourist destination. 



Killar, 27 kms from Sach Pass, is the sub-divisional headquarter of Pangi. From here there are a number of exciting and challenging treks to Keylong and Kishtwar in Jammu. Killar was originally a cluster of villages but gradually it has taken the shape of a town with more and more offices and shops added from year to year. Killar is famous for its charming dances and rich natural beauty. It is also a suitable base for trekkers venturing to Kishtwar, through Umasi lainto the Zanskar Valley, and to Keylong and Manali

Bada Bhangal – The Mostest Tribal Part of Himachal

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Bada Bhangal is a tribal village situated in the lap of beautiful Himalayas in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. The village is located at the height of 7700 ft above sea level and can be reached from Bir near Baijnath or from Chamba. Bada Bhangal village most tribal part of Himachal and the trek which still followed by locals for trade more than tourist. Bada Bhangal still hasn’t touched the fine line of basic necessities.

Village has his own Hydel electric unit and satellite telephone, Few small shops are also available from where you can buy some ration. One can survive here without bying ration for months as village people will invite you for lunch or dinner.

There is no sign of development in this area. Transportation facility is nil and there is no proper road or any convenient way to reach the village. Presently, people have no choice but to cross the Thamasar Pass on ponies.

Bada Bhangal village is open for 6 monts in a year. Rest of the time trails to Bada Bhangal village closed due to bad weather and heavy snowfall in the mountain passes. People of Bada Bhangal village has two houses – one at Bada Bhangal village and other at lower region of kangra valley.

Ways to reach Bada Bhangal Village:

1. Over Thamsar Pass. This route is most popular in summers and connects Bada Bhangal to Chota Bhangal areas like Bir, Billing etc. 7 Days trek starting from Bir.

2. Over Kaliheni Pass. Mostly used by Trekkers rarely by villagers. Connects Bada Bhangal to Kullu and Manali Valley. This pass is known as old and large Glaciers. This route provides you beautiful and stunning views, crevasses can found near to the pass.

3. Along Ravi river Chamba District. This path is quite narrow and dangerous. This path is mostly used by villagers in winters as there are no high ranges to cross on the way.

No other land is like Bada Bhangal. It is the one of the most remotest village in Himachal by distance. It is a an origin of Ravi river that gives life to millions of people in India and Pakistan and ends its journey in Arabian sea. Bada Bhangal is surrounded by mountain range..