Prashar Lake-Deep Blue Lake with Floating Island & Epitome of Spirituality, Tranquility

Prasher Lake

The beautiful Prashar Lake lies 50 km north-east of Mandi and 64Km south of Kullu.  The lake is situated at an avg. height of 2730m (8,960 ft) in the lap of mountains. The deep blue lake lies in a saucer shaped valley and is surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The primary inflows to the natural sweet water lake are rain water and glacier runoff/meltwater and the lake depth is unclear as of now. There is a little floating island in between the lake which keeps on revolving and changes its position at regular intervals which is quite unique. The local temple of Prashar Rishi next to the lake, with its riveting Himachali architecture, blends perfectly with the landscape.


As per the legends, when the Mahabharata ended, the Pandavas made their way with Dev Kamrunag to find a suitable place for their deity. They landed at this place where the lake is currently located. When the deity and Dev Kamrunag saw the place, they were enchanted by its beauty and decided to stay there for the rest of their lives.

There is a reason behind the oval shape of the lake. As per the legends, at the request of Dev Kamrunag (based on whom this entire valley is known by the name of Kamru Valley today), Bheem, one of the Pandavas, formed a lake in elliptical shape by pushing his forearm and elbow into the peak of the mountain.

Prashar Lake looks like a blue emerald in the midst of green pastures and gigantic mountains. The surroundings of the lake are a rare site which can enchant the mind and soul of every tourist.


Prasher lake
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The area has been surrounded by the dense forest and is awesome place to relax and connect with nature. An entire amazing panorama of snowy mountain ranges is visible from this location. At the top of the valley, one can be surrounded by lash green spots with cows, lambs, horses grazing and small mud huts made by Gaddis and Gujjars. The good part is that the area is completely pollution free, clean, calm, less populated, and totally untouched by the modern amenities.

Near the lake there is a forest rest house is available to stay. You can try your luck here or return to near by village if you want to stay here.

Previously road was not available to reach this lake. The last stretch of the journey is to be completed by trekking. During June 2nd week a three day festival is organized here.



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