Mahu Nag Temple Karsog – Devoted to Lord Karna


Karsog in the subdivision of Mandi is a small town bordering Shimla. The place can be easily reached from Shimla by road and taking a stop over at Tattapani can calm a long journey.

Karsog with its splendid beauty and spiritual calm looks like the natural home of gods. The crisscrossed steps of apple and peach orchards that surround the entire valley makes the whole landscape look very charismatic. The town is also one of the most picturesque locations of Himachal. Temples like Mahaleshwara Mahadev, Kamaksha Mata, Churag, and Mahunag make an interesting outing to the place but the most visited and talked out attraction around Karog is the village of Chindi, which has tourists across the country and throughout the year. The best time to come here is between April and July as summers here are mostly mild and winters have sunny afternoons with colder nights. People come here to relax and be away from the hustle and bustle of fast paced cities. Chindi not only has peaceful ambience but also is truly a nature lover’s treat.


Mahunag Temple is approximately 25km away from Karsog (located 100km from the state capital of Shimla, Karsog is a splendid bowl-shaped valley, placed amidst apple orchards) in Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. Placed at an elevation of 1830m above sea level on the Shimla-Mandi Highway, the temple commands a brilliant view of the Karsog Valley on one side and the northern Himalayas on the other.


The Mahunag Temple is a medieval styled Pahari Temple, devoted to Lord Karna, (the legendary matchless warrior, son of Kunti and the Sun God) locally known as ‘Mahunag’.

According to legends, whenever the worshippers are in agony and they ask for Lord Karna’s help, He metamorphoses himself into a ‘mahu’ (bee) and hastens to their assistance. The faithful also believe that Lord Karna’s benedictions would help them decide on legal matters and family differences. Offerings to the deity are made in silver. The Mandi district records speak about the temple, which was constructed in 1664 by Raja Shyam Sen, who was a great devout of Lord Karna.


Sundays are considered auspicious for visiting the Mahunag Temple. A yearly fair is held here on Sankranti day. Tourist destinations in the vicinity include Mamaleshwar temple, Kamaksha Temple, Churag, Tattapani, Shikari Devi Temple and Sundernagar. Lodging facility is available within the temple premises, housing a PWD Guest House and a Forest Rest House. Mahunag Temple can be accessed by road from Chindi (18km). Joginder Railway Station is the nearest railhead.

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