Moral Danda Peak- The Unexplored Trail

This is one of the most amazing short treks in the Himachal Himalayas. Moral Danda is the end point of Baspa range which can be seen from Sungri on State Highway 1(Rohru-Rampur). Moral Danda can be accessed from all sides. Most approachable side is Sungri-Dalgaon side.

This 4 day trek is most famous for the caves you get to explore on the way to the Peak. And it is untouched and unexplored till now. Only a few natives of Pabbar Valley have made it to the Peak. 

 The trek a dense frorest and open meadows and when you eventually reach the 14000 feet top you get an amazing 360 degrees view of the snow clad mountain summits contrasting with the dense green forests below. There are various routes to climb this mountain, but the most beautiful and approachable is from Sungri. Sungri is a small village situated at a top which connects the Rampur to Rohru.

Jot Pass: A Hidden Treasure

Jot Pass stands at a height of 2880 meters above the sea level. One wise man once said that without crossing over the Jot Pass you never get to know what reaching Chamba means. Jot Pass overlooks the Chuwadi Valley and it is 23 kilometers away from the top of the Pass. Jot is a hidden treasure in Himachal Pradesh. If you want some place away from hassle of Shimla and Manali, Jot is the place to be. 

Jot is one of the highest altitude tourist destinations in Chamba and is located on the Pathankot-Nurpur-Chowari-Chamba stretch. During the winter months, it remains covered in thick snow and is closed for vehicles. The route re-opens in the summers but being a less commercialized place, it does not get crowded with tourists. It a primeval stretch, perfect for those who love exploring the unexplored.

Jot is well-known for trekking and hiking.

Chanderkhani Pass – Most Beautiful Trek in Kullu

Chanderkhani Pass is located in the Kullu District at a height of 3,660 metres. It forms a way between the villages of Rumsu and Pulag to the well known village of Malana, which indirectly forms a trekking route from Naggar to Malana across the Chanderkhani Pass.

The Chandrakhani Pass Trek brings a fascinating trekking route that is devoted to a great legend and offers some great views of Deo Tibba and the Pin Parvati range of mountains. The legend takes anyone far behind thousands years ago; when Jamlu (the presiding deity of Malana) was carrying a basket containing Gods of Kullu. On the top of the pass when he opened the basket, a very strong wind blew the Gods all over the Kullu valley to their present abodes what the people can find then today at their respective temples. Since then the valley is known as the Valley of Gods. The Malana Village is a strong visual of culture in itself where the old traditions are still adhered.

Chandrakhani Pass offers fabulous views of the Deo Tibba peak, Pir Panjal and Parbati range of mountains. The trek is one of the most beautiful treks that introduce the traveler to the remote, hilly cultures of Himachal Pradesh. The scenic beauty of the Kullu valley and the mountain peaks that dot that horizon is a treat for the nature lover throughout the journey.

Shipki La Pass – India-Tibet Border


Shipki La is a mountain pass and border post on the India-Tibet border. It is located in Kinnaur district in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, and Tibet Autonomous Region in People’s Republic of China. Sutlej river enters India (from Tibet) through this pass. It is an offshoot of the ancient Silk Road. It is a border post for trade with China.

The Shipki La pass is third Indian border post for business and trade with Tibetian people after the border post of Nathu La located in Sikkim, and the Lipulekh border post in Uttarakhand state of India. Shipki La pass is located very close to the village of Khab. Trade on the Shipki La Pass was re-established in 1993 after being shut in 1962 after Chinese attack. Trade has also been badly affected by flash floods. 


At present this border post Shipki is used mainly for the small-scale local trade just across the border. The Special Permit is given only to the local traders to go to Shipki La Pass to do cross border trade and Shipki La Pass is one of the three main Passes between India and China. This boarder is no more remained opened for nonresident people. In recent time travelers preferring to visit Tibet via land follow the route through Nepal. From year (2010), the Border Roads Organization (BRO) has been constructing a drivable way from the Indian side to join the tall pass.

It is one of the most beautiful places located among deep high altitudes of the Himalayas. Sutlej river almost literally passes by cutting through Himalayan chain near to Shipki la and then after that runs through the center of Kinnaur.